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Our Mission


Quality is the quintessential of things that is much sought after in individuals, experiences and matters. It is a distinguishing attribute of some things or someone. Further, quality is a degree or grade of excellence or worth—a characteristic property that defines the apparent nature, indicative of a superior grade.


Value is a quality that renders something valuable and desirable. It is also an ideal that acts as the guiding principle for our actions. Value is much cherished for, it makes us stand out and excel in things that we intend to do. Values are always kept above the self. It too, is a higher consideration, by which we tend to act.


Trust is an attribute indicative of belief in the reliability and honesty of someone. It validates our reliance and complete confidence on someone that is faith like and fulsome. Trust is a basis of higher relational goal achievement and needs to manifest pure. Trust is not subject to compromise or dilution. It is an ultimate shared hope of an expectation defined between two individuals.

Our Products

Grid Ceiling
Mineral fiber tiles, Laminated gypsum tiles, Optra glass wool tiles, Semi perforated particle board tiles, Powder coated GI grid systems...


Commercial Ply woods, Water Proof Ply woods, Block Boards, Doors, Decorative Ply woods, Shuttering Ply woods, Checkered Ply woods..


WPC Planks
WPC - Wood Plastic Composite, Mixture of saw dust and plastic, Excellent for gate cladding, building exterior elevation & decking...


Accoustic Material
Channeled woods works for walls, Insulation boards, Accoustical wall panel, Accoustical woven fabric, Wood wool boards, Glass wool...


We are authorized Distributors of AICA Sunmica Brands of Laminates. And also have an Exclusive Range o Imported Metal Foil Laminates...


Cement Fibre Sheets
Cement Fiber boards are a substitute for plywoods and can be used for Exterior & Interior Purpose. Cement Fiber Boards are Non...


Flush & Panel Doors
Plain & pre laminated particle boards, MDF Flush doors & panel doors, 0.5 mm Flexible  teak veneers, Exterior claddind laminate..


PVC Sheets
PVC Celluka Boards are used in furniture industry, architectural landscaping & construction sectors. A very versatile material for inter...


Our Brands

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    ” Best product and quality service, Indian Glass and Plywood provided me estimations as per our budget then completed interiors for my house. “



    ” I am very happy with the Indian & glass plywood centre had helped in getting quality plywood and designs. “